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October 16, 2009 Leave a comment

So, this is the first time I’ve used WordPress, and I must say, they could hardly have made it easier. Or more beautifully designed. Or less expensive. Despite the confusion that the enormous number of powerful features might have induced, everything I’ve used so far seems to have been very intuitive and responsive.

And there’s even an iPhone App For That™, so I can blog from afar.

But enough of the meta-meta-analysis. I want to concentrate on the mere meta-analysis: what I think this blog might be ‘for’. Yes, of course, the air is going to be full of the usual promises of update frequencies, and intended interestingness quotients, but to be honest, what with the proliferation of microblogging venues such as FaceBook and Twitter, there’s a far better chance that it’s going to be largely random and ‘off the map’ here.

What I imagined, therefore, is that this place would be where I actually practised writing, as opposed to linking to, or commenting upon, all the other mad stuff on the internet. This, then, is a bit like a beautiful piano in a large room which is likely to be otherwise empty. The doors are open, if people want to stop by and eat their sandwiches to the accompaniment of some verbal themes and variations, but otherwise it’s really just for me, and the delight of practice.

Until I get mad famous, of course, when I’ll have to host it on my own server farm.

Naturally, the immediate fear that this will be the last post here for a couple of years raises its head, but I am undeterred.

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